Services of Softlink Asia

Softlink asia offers a range of professional services to help you enhance the performance of your solution.

Installation & Data Conversion

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with industry-leading software and Set-Up Services from Softlink.

Softlink’s Installation Services are based on Softlink’s 30 years of industry experience.  Our installation services ensure your new software has been configured and installed in the optimal environment for long-term stability and performance.
Whether you are upgrading from an existing Softlink product or are moving from another system, Softlink has an installation package to suit your organisation’s needs. Choose from a choice of on-site or remote installations, together with training packages that will have you up and running with the minimum of disruption.
Softlink’s Remote Installation requires minimal IT staff involvement otherwise needed for a system installation. Customers also enjoy peace of mind that an experienced Softlink product expert has completed the system installation procedure.

The Onsite Installation option is often preferred by organisations with limited IT staff resources. Softlink also recommends an on-site installation for more complex software implementation or consortia deployments.
An installation is locally performed by one of Softlink’s experienced team members, who walks relevant Library or IT staff through the process, outlining details of the installation and any software customisations and subsequent action as required.


To ensure that your implementation runs smoothly, Softlink offers a pre-implementation analysis of your project needs.  The pre-implementation analysis involves a product expert visiting onsite or a phone consultation to discuss all of your requirements. These requirements are documented within a pre-implementation report and developed into the implementation project plan.

The standard service includes the following features:

  • Hardware and Software consultation
  • Environment and Performance Metrics consultation
  • Basic Customisations Consultation
  • Data Conversion Service


Comprehensive maintenance

Softlink products are designed for easy use and handling. They achieve best performance on Microsoft Certified Operating Systems. Initially, all Softlink products come with a warranty of ninety days. Within the warranty period our task is to provide you with complete help and support, so that you are well versed with all functions of our software. We give our best efforts to provide you with a problem free software experience, seldom there may be times when your software is not functioning as it should, because of a Hardware error at your end or any Opearting System problem or any other cause. Whenever you are in such a situation we give real time assistance in every way so that your work is not held up due to non-functioning of the software. Through all possible communication mediums, we offer complete support to bring the software in order.We are also in the process of setting up a Online Helpdesk System at our website, where the clients can log their queries and complaints regarding the software. This will be a much easier process to receive a solution from our side.

Along with the regular support we also provide the clients with Latest Updates to the software that are available from time to time. However, all these benefits are limited to the time till your warranty period is active. Once your warranty period expires, you have to enter into a Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement for your software, so that you enjoy all the above benefits continously.
“Coming Soon” “We are also in the process of setting up a Online Helpdesk System at our website, where the clients can log their queries and complaints regarding the software.”

Non-Comprehensive Maintenance

Though Softlink products are mostly error free, there may be situations when because of constant upgradation in the Operating System and Hardware, you may require more advanced or updated Version of the software. These updated versions, which includes Bug fixes and new features are provided to all Clients free of cost if their software is under the Comprehensive Maintenance. But if the software is not under Comprehensive Maintenance, then you have to purchase the software updates ( popularly known as Plugins)from us. This will help your software remain upto date. In the same way if you require a help from us for resolving any of your software queries, you have to pay us as per our Per Incident Support price policy.
  • If the situation requires that a personal visit has to be undertaken by us for resolving your query then, this will include actual expenses for Travelling, Boarding & Lodging and Service Charges.

If the query can be resolved from our site, by all possible mediums of communication, then this will include applicable.

Turnkey Project

As a complete Library Solutions company we also undertake turnkey projects for library operations. This will include Project Planning for Library Automation, Consultancy for Purchasing necessary Hardware and equipments, the full Project Preparation and Implementation.
Implementation will cover all aspects to change a library carrying out manual operations and making it at par with modern library in look and operations. In the past many organizations have taken advantage of our vast experience in handling library operations. You too can request us to be involved in your library.

Man Power Support

Softlink provides manpower support for library automation activities. When you want to run complete library in-house keeping services and user services, Softlink maintains your library by the qualified and trained professionals in Library and Information Science activities.

Content Creation

Softlink has a dedicated team comprising qualified professionals in Library Science with good typing speed for the database creation and technical processing of the books. Technical processing involves activities like assigning Classification Number, Standard Subject Headings, Keywords and Identification of Bibliographic Details etc. Technical data than involves data input, editing, validation in the software to have library database


Digitization means acquiring, converting, storing and providing information in a computer format that is standardized, organized and available on demand from common system. With specialized scanner’s, resources in a library are converted into compressed digital signals and stored systematically for future reference.
Today Content is Knowledge. All Library Automation Systems developed by Softlink harness the power of IT to make available information in standardized and organized format, thereby helping the library user to find the information he is searching for quickly.

Softlink undertakes the project of Digitization for Libraries, interested in keeping the large amount of rare books, manuscripts and others materials in Digital form. These are converted using specialized scanners. The conversion can be done in different formats according to the requirement of the institution.
You can share and re-use the content based on the needs. Digitization of content gives the flexibility and adaptability.


A range of Customisation Services from Softlink ensure your library solution accommodates your functional, aesthetic and unique user requirements – no matter how specific they may be Customisations may work to enhance aesthetic features, usability, facilitate new processes and workflows, or optimise staff productivity. To find out more about how we can help you, explore our website and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly sales team.
  • Standard Customisations
  • Premium Customisations
  • Product Customisations

A Standard Customisation Service is carried out by Softlink’s Professional Services team prior to the implementation of any new Softlink install.
Standard customisations include basic changes required to the system to make it work for the particular needs of your library or organisation. This includes aesthetic alterations to match your brand identity and minor changes in functionality.

Standard Customisations may include:

  • Home page logo or banner
  • Home page
  • Overdue notices
  • Standard system configuration
  • Premium Customisations

Comprehensive or more complex system customisations may be required to address specific functionality, aesthetics or processes at your organisation. Premium Customisation Services can be performed by Softlink’s Professional Services Team either before, or after implementation to deliver advanced modifications.

Premium Customisations may include:

  • Modifications to the look and feel of the OPAC
  • Additional search fields
  • Customised reports
  • Web service integration
  • Page layout modifications
  • Catalogue template development
  • Borrower template development
  • Spine label setup
  • Colour scheme
  • Product Customisations

Softlink solutions can be customised to deliver new features, modules or advanced functionality required to enhance system use, address specific processes or improve the productivity of users.

Product Customisations may include:

  • Additional web services to enable further website or portal integration
  • Functionality to enable single sign-on method not currently supported
  • The development of modules that can facilitate a new application or process not previously required
  • Development of a new workflow to accommodate extra dialogues or special circumstances

Specialist Services

Softlink’s Specialist Services have been developed to provide customised investigation, maintenance, or training services as required.
Investigation Services
At Softlink, we understand that no two libraries are the same.

Therefore, Softlink offers an Investigation Services package to ensure your library systems are effectively implemented and configured to suit your specific usage profile, constraints, current needs, and future plans.

Advanced Services

Advanced Services from Softlink address specific concerns you may have regarding complex or less-regular tasks related to the maintenance of your Softlink solution.

Professional assistance from a Senior Consultant can be made available at times when existing work schedules or a lack of skilled resources threaten to leave key maintenance requirements of your Softlink solution neglected.

Services also cover light training or assistance with more advanced services or maintenance procedures to ensure they are executed in a timely fashion with precision and confidence.

To find out more about how we can help you, explore our website and please contact our knowledgeable and friendly team.

Onsite or remote (web-based) training

Our experienced trainers customise each session to the proficiency level and needs of the group, individuals and organisation, ensuring attendees get the most out of the training.
Whether you are in the early stages of an implementation project, have new staff that require training or are ready for advanced level learning, an expert Softlink consultant will take you through training customized to suit your needs. It can be delivered onsite or via telephone and web-conferencing and is scheduled to suit you.

Please submit the Request Information form if you would like to find out more about onsite or remote training.

Free self-paced training

A number of resources including help guides are available as part of your annual Softlink support and maintenance.

These resources are available through your Softlink online customer support.

Project Management

With more than 10,000 successful implementations worldwide, Softlink’s implementation methodology has been refined to ensure the transition to any Softlink solution is seamless and projects are delivered on time and on budget. Softlink has managed projects of all sizes and complexity. Subsequently, two different project management delivery models have been developed to best suit your requirements: Basic and Advanced. Each Delivery Model includes the following critical phases:
  • Initiation
  • Planning and Analysis
  • Organisation
  • Control
  • Review and Closure

Softlink works closely with all relevant staff at all stages of the project to ensure everyone is fully prepared for the project and agreed on expected outcomes. Regular User Group meetings enable users to meet with peers and Softlink staff to exchange tips, advice, and ideas. To find out more about how we can help you, explore our website.  For more information please contact our knowledgeable and friendly team.

Softlink Solutions are supported by Softlink’s experienced Support team with:

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Telephone support
  • On-going flexible contact options of telephone; fax or email
  • Automatic escalation of priority requests to ensure continuity of library services
  • 24/7 access to Softlink’s knowledgebase, including reference manuals, training guides and support documentation
  • Access to regular updates, communication and product enhancements