Promote a love of reading
Students who embrace reading from an early age develop better literacy and skills for future learning.

Simple, clear search options like dynamic picture search help students find books and other resources that appeal to them. They can also choose from a huge selection of background graphics and avatars to personalise their library experience.

Straightforward workflows and automation save hours of administration time for busy primary school libraries.

1. Alice for Windows

2. Liberty

Promote independent learning

Helping students to develop research skills for future learning is a key priority for secondary schools. To facilitate this, your school library software should provide an engaging and easily accessible space for students to explore.

Softlink solutions can be accessed from any desktop or tablet, allowing students and staff to discover resources whenever they need them.

Liberty school library management system expands students’ learning horizons through recommendations, advanced search functionality and an easy to use drag and drop interface. Secondary school librarians love the automated workflows, instant reporting, and intuitive features that help them manage their library, promote learning resources and advocate the value of their services school-wide.

Alice is an integrated librarian computerization system with modular components that allow configuration according to the complexity of the user library. School libraries, specialized, public or university libraries benefit equally from the specific facilities of the system.

In addition to managing common operations (cataloging the library, managing the library user database, lending, restitution and reservation of materials, on-line catalog, periodicals and indexing of articles, purchasing management, etc.), Alice presents a number of interesting facilities , such as the online on-line catalog with the possibility of making remote reservations and viewing electronic documents or cataloged web sites.

Promote achievement at every year level

All-through schools strive to shape confident learners who grow and excel as they progress through their education. The library is essential to achieving these outcomes and your school library software should provide consistent, age appropriate support throughout their journey.

Liberty school library management system provides flexible interface options, search, and other functionality that maximize students’ library experience at every age or ability. Combined primary and secondary school librarians love the multi-campus features, which allow them to streamline library management and share resources.

Provide a quality library experience across multiple schools
The choice of a centralised library management solution can impact educational outcomes and efficiency for your department or education office and the schools you support.

A central library solution helps your department:

Reduce IT infrastructure costs across the school network
Integrate with department-wide systems
Provide a consistent library experience
Deliver affordable, equitable access to a broad range of resources
Improve literacy and academic achievement department-wide
To achieve this you need a reliable and experienced partner who can deliver a highly scalable solution that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders, on time and on budget.



Alice for Windows Library Management Solution

Alice for Windows is an integrated librarian computerization system with modular components that allow configuration according to the complexity of the user library.

Liberty Knowledge, Content and Library Management Solution

Liberty enables vital information to be discovered and delivered anywhere, anytime through modern digital devices. Liberty combines advanced functionality with ease of use.

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LearnPath provides a digital platform to create, publish and share rich learning guides and other content. With easy to navigate 24/7 access, schools can use LearnPath to present focused information and resources for improved educational outcomes.

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Oliver v5

Oliver v5 library management software offers a digital rich, engaging experience for the entire school community. As a fully web based solution it can be accessed from any desktop or tablet device, allowing students to discover library and learning resources 24/7 in school, from home or on the go.

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